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Ultimate Custom Widget (UCCW) lets you make your own custom android widgets that can be put on any launcher/ locker app that supports widgets. You can also use widget skins made by other people and can edit them to your liking.


  1. Thanks to Jeppe Foldager (blackbearblanc, xda) for the icon and graphic resources.
  2. Thanks to Screenlicious\’s for making a concept design for uccw.
  3. Thanks to -SanSiro-, and1uta, Andasher, antheo, apk845144969, arkadiusz.kalka, Baeki, bboti86, bluevex, bugmeniet, carloslgranados, cryptdlg, dancer69, anyfra, emaildoedison fidellprc64, HerZau, hhlong89, Impo5sible, ingelmunster, jiricisticu, jkosci, Junction, kaywalker, laxtiz, lex260688, Limbo045, liuwanle2010, m0uch0, m7ixalis, Madara76, makiraul, maniek26694, marciozomb13, mastrox, mircoh77, mislicihan, mst1993, nffnunes, nhchiu2009, phongpan355, piercekingly, r.mosconi, ralfleischer, rasheedshady, rihval, rodrigoff, ruizit0, Ruslan007, sadlove, settzer50, ShangShan3, SimonG, skdev69, skstayfriends, stiepard, sun0827, svenrohland, Swissdroid, symbdroid, tower666, Usak, vizzztor, wolsrm, Xardas, yeten, zemblar, for help with translation.
  4. Special thanks to xda community and all the modders and themers for embracing UCCW and making great skins.
  5. Thanks to coolfire92 (xda member) and D.Saif (xda member) for providing help with the graphics.


Thanks for your donations and continuous appreciation.

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