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Version 4.3.0

1. Some Google play skins not loading bug fixed

Version 4.2.3

1. Force close error on tapping home from Editor resolved
2. Bug on reading external storage size resolved

Version 4.2.2

1. Blank skin creation layout changed.

Version 4.2.0

1. App theme modified a bit.
2. Added Privacy Policy as per Google Play Store requirements.

Version 4.0.5

1. Bug fixes

Version 4.0.4

1. UI improvements and bug fixes
2. Easier to provide widget dimensions when creating new skin
3. Text Map feature easy to use. Now its easy to use your text map files with apk skins.
4. Auto-saved version of the skin is loaded in editor by default. Last saved skin can be opened from the menu.

Version 3.3.1

Crash on setting hotspot removed

Version 3.3.0

Weather sync frequency changed to cater to api requirements
Some bugs removed

Version 3.2.5

Image not assigning bug fixed

Version 3.2.4

Crash on adding hotspot removed

Version 3.2.3

Available Widget sizes can be disabled in settings
Editor has save As option for skin
Editor can be used in landscape orientation
Editor – objects and hotspots list shown with context buttons
Added Turkish translation
Some bugs removed

Version 3.2.0

Material theme
Some bugs removed

Version 3.1.6

Image map object – 24 hour format added
Calendar events – now next 7 days events are shown; events dates as also available
Removed some bugs
If widget on homescreen shows error, remove and reapply widget

Version 3.1.4

Hotspots position is customizable for Google play skins
Removed some bugs
If widget on homescreen shows error, remove and reapply widget

Version 3.1.2

Removed some bugs

Version 3.1.0

Added translations for French, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese

Version 3.0.9

Error with Buzz launcher integration removed
Some other bugs removed

Version 3.0.8

Skin templates when creating new skin
Skins view new layout with search
some bugs removed

Version 3.0.7

All objects offset implemented
some bugs removed

Version 3.0.6

Textmapping errors removed
Uccw service notification minimal
some bugs removed

Version 3.0.5

Tasker variables work
Editor background can be changed
some bugs removed

Version 3.0.2

New Color picker
Some bugs removed

Version 3.0.1

Alpha/ transparency now has see through effect (for less than zero values)
Skin copy and delete on the main page (long press options)
Other small changes?

Version 3.0.0

The app is thought out from the beginning.
The design is more modular now. Instead of an “hour” or “weather condition” object now there is a “text object” that has source property. And it can be added multiple times in a widget.
The interface is easier to use.
Now there is only one copy of a skin. Earlier homescreen widgets had a different copy.
The options for apk skins are better.
Text mapping – Now custom text is replaced by text mapping. Its a very simple idea. For e.g. if the current value of sms source is ‘0’, it can be mapped to ‘no messages’.
Image mapping – same as text mapping but with images.
New objects – Barcode, Bar, Pie etc.
Improvements to Series objects – aka ‘Text Series’ objects.
Create a copy of an object. Long press on an object for options.

version 2.9.27

1. one stupid bug removed

version 2.9.26

1. All hotspots in apk skins are editable by default.
2. Some other small changes.

version 2.9.24

1. Some bugs related to custom text removed.

version 2.9.23

1. Some bugs removed.

version 2.9.22

1. Help menu now opens UCCW website
2. Some bugs removed

version 2.9.21

1. Api for Launcher app (AppWidgetHost) developers to read/ write UCCW AppWidget config.
2. Toggle Hotspots provided as option in UCCW hotspots.
3. Some bugs removed

version 2.9.20

1. Added permission to read gmail counts (accidently removed in last version).

version 2.9.19

1. Skins installed from Google play or apk show message in case of error.

version 2.9.18

1. Links to old UCCW versions in menu.

version 2.9.17

1. Option for light uccw toggle hotspots widget.
2. Share skins via bluetooth, mail etc. Clicking on link will open skin.
3. Other small changes – the location of fonts folder, image_fonts folder and weather folder is shown at appropriate places.

version 2.9.15

1. Support for oval hotspots
2. Removed uccw edit skin hotspot (It was creating problems)
3. Uccw toggle hotspot widget and loading image changed to neutral colors.

version 2.9.13

Touch icon removed.
It was not required at all. Ha! Thanks for your continuos feedback.

version 2.9.12

Hotspots improved. Now resizing widget will prompt you to touch widget to relayout hotspots for JellyBean android OS onwards.
For older android OS versions the normal drill of settting off hotspot mode, then touching the resized widget,
then turning on hotspot mode is required to relayout hotspots after widget resize.
Use Hotspot Toggle widget to easily control hotspots mode from homescreen.

version 2.9.11

1. Hotspots highlight changed to neutral
2. Hotspots toggle widget provided to easily control hotspots mode from homescreen

version 2.9.10

Removed image bug in Kitkat


1. Custom text file not assigning bug removed.


1. Images not assigned bug removed.
2. Some other bugs removed.


1. Some bugs removed.
2. Buzz Launcher limit for one widget increased to 5 Mega Bytes.


1. User interface changed.
2. Buzz launcher integration. Skins can be uploaded to and
downloaded from Buzz launcher sharing service. Skins should not contain large images as
Buzz launcher limits the size of widgets uploaded to their service. The limit is 1.5 Mega bytes
for one widget and 5 Mega bytes for the whole theme.
3. Option to fill background with color on homescreen. See background object.
4. Many other small changes.

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