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Touching widgets on homescreen opens editor
  • In UCCW app open menu, press ‘Lock widgets (Hotspots mode)’ and choose ‘on’. Or put a ‘UCCW Hotspots toggle’ widget on homescreen to easily lock widgets.
Widgets do not update
  • UCCW may be killed by task killers.  So exclude UCCW in task killers.
  • Could be a launcher app issue; Try a different launcher.
 Getting force closes
  • Uninstall UCCW and install again.
  • Check if Force closes are occuring with a particular skin; discard that skin.
  • Send a logcat if force closes continue.
 Skins do not show 
  • Google play skins may not appear for some custom roms or if screen density is changed.
 What are App Permissions for?
  • Your messages – to show unread message count
  • Storage – for saving skins
  • Your location – to show location
  • Network communication – for weather and ads
  • Phone calls – to show missed calls number
  • Your social information – for direct dial hotspot
  • Your personal information – to show next calendar event
  • Your accounts – for Gmail unread mails count


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