6 thoughts on “Getting started with UCCW – Working with Hotspots”

  1. I’ve spent months trying to learn how to do this but its not going very well. I tried to do a clock, phoney by Samantha Conner, but there wasn’t any menu to work with. It looked nothing like the video. I set a 3×3 widget then tapped it and it went to a blank black page. I hit menu and set my city, I don’t know what to do with night start time and finish time. That made no sense to me. My launcher allows resizing so that’s not the problem. The clock had no numbers like in the preview and there wasn’t a menu to set the time. Just a black window with the clock sitting in it. Please help. I want to learn so bad cuz of the gorgeous widgets and skins.

  2. All good except I can edit hotspots on downloaded skins but can’t save changed skin after that. Spent some time before understood this. It would be better to allow people decide and create own hotspots on top of read-only skins. I can’t do the elementary – make tap on clocks open alarm.

  3. Are there written instructions for setting up and using the UCCW widget and hot spot toggle widget? I have watched the videos and I am still having trouble getting it to work. I have a Galaxy Note 3 and really want to create custom widgets.

    1. Open UCCW and press menu. Choose ‘Lock widgets’ and choose on. This will prevent widgets from opening editor.

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